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Exciting life prospects

I am doing well on some current life goals.

I am almost done with my MBA degree:
I took my comprehensive final. It hurt my brain. At a total of 2 hours and 6 minutes long. I passed with a 73% (keep in mind that I have heard people pass these comprehensive finals with 60-70% and be happy)
All that I have left:
Finish writing our final paper
Print it out
Make it look spiffy
Dress up nicely for class
Attend class
Give professor the hard copy of our final paper

I am getting better at taking care of my health:
I have a fitness journal that I keep up to date
The pedometer I have measures in miles
I use said pedometer
I provide entertainment for others when I shop because I have to re-educate myself on what to buy food-wise
I am learning low-calorie meals and snacks
I am improving on how frequently and how long I exercise for per day
My total exercise time for this week so far is 2 hours and 6 minutes

More people are asking me for help with homework:
The person I helped with managerial accounting needs a little more help. I plan on calling her later to find out what her questions are.
Philip's mom needs help with economics. I am going to see if I can actually come up to the house since I have found using charts really makes a difference with it. (it will also give me an excuse to see Philip and Terrance along with dropping by my parents at some point)
To be honest it has crossed my mind to actually offer tutoring services for difficult business classes. I just haven't really thought out how to do so, but with school coming to an end for me...:D

Preparing for a new stage in life

I actually have very little homework left to do: final exam, final paper, final presentation, and two class attendances. That's it.

I have already started to prepare for life after school. Last night, I updated my resume and sent it to a colleague from the UACPA ProNet Council who offered to help connect me with accounting departments in the area. I will do more official looking after class has ended.

Since I have so little homework to do, I am figuring out how to occupy my days. I am much faster on taking care of dishes now. Later on today, I shall be doing a vinegar scrub of the shower. Zara rattie's cage needs a good cleaning too. I am not sure if I will attempt the big cage cleaning though.

I still need to type up my notes for my novel that I wrote on the way to Las Vegas. Working on my novel will play a bigger role in my daily life because of the increase in time. I will probably do that during the breaks I take from applying for jobs in the area.

The vacation was lovely. We went to:
Main Street Hotel (buffet, gift shop, and looking at the relics)
Fremont Street Experience (street performers, shops, and the show)
New York New York (gift shop and tons of pictures)
MGM Grand (Star Lane Shops, Rainforest Cafe, Lion cage, Houdinis, 32 degrees, and a little cafe)
M&M Store (went through all four levels and made purchases)
Coke Store (I got my picture taken with an epic Coke Polar Bear mascot with fully automated face and shopped)
Gameworld (explored and had lunch at their cafe)
The Orleans (explored and ate at their crowded food cafeteria. They had Fuddruckers)
Caesar's Palace (explored Cleopatra's Way, the winding escalators, and the Forum shops - mucho picture taking) Bellagio (the Conservatory)
The Paris (lunch with a gelato for me and gambling for Dad)
Bally's (gift shop, gambling, and moving walkway to the strip)
The Cracked Egg (yummy food in Las Vegas suburbia)
St George (stopped at Cowboys and Indians as well as Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for shopping)
Cedar City (ate twice at a restaurant called Dede's - Great decor, yummy food, great free pie with lunch)

Super exhaustion

10 chapters read in 4-7 days
I could not work on homework if I wanted to

Got paid for tutoring a lady in managerial accounting
It was fun to remember how to do that sort of thing
I would love to do that again

Have class tonight
Thankfully teacher is really cool
Thinking of taking a long rest from homework stuff
Maybe do a nap

Got to do cleaning around the house
Packing for vacation tomorrow
Getting up at 5 or 6 AM
Going to miss my ratties
We have a friend taking care of them that they already know

Taking my Nook for massive reading on way to and from Vegas
Also taking swimming suit
Thinking of taking capris and such - warmer weather down there right?

Extremely content

I have had two trips to book-filled areas in the past two days and I expect to go to the third one on Monday.

Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble to use my gift cards from Christmas. Dattas had printed out a coupon for me to use as well. I picked up the following books:

From: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Series:
The Veiled Detective
The Giant Rat of Sumatra
The Scroll of the Dead

Dracula's Guest & Other Tales of Horror, by Bram Stoker (I downloaded Dracula's Guest for free, but it is hard to find the other stories in this collection)

Clive Barker Books:
Books of Blood Volumes One to Three (gave my volume one to TwoPawPad - its a Bookcrossing one)
Mister B. Gone (recommend from a friend)

How to Become CEO, by Jeffrey Fox

The Secret Lives of Elves & Faeries From the Private Journal of The Rev. Robert Kirk

Beading Basics by Carole Rodgers


A cute journal with a raven on it


My second trip was to the Pleasant Grove Library today. Dattas dropped me off before he went down to Orem for some computer parts. I worked on some homework, but also grabbed a bunch of CDs and a book:

CD Checkout:
Greatest Hits: Debussy (listening to it right now)
Greatest Hits: Beethoven
Greatest Hits: Bach
Tchaikovsky 25 Favorites
The Best of Old Time Radio Starring Orson Welles

Book Checkout:
Lizzie Borden: The Legend, The Truth, The Final Chapter, by Arnold R. Brown

I have plenty to listen to while I work on my homework :D

Sore body, happy mind

Day three of the combined diet and exercise is going well. My whole body is sore from the variety of workouts I am doing. I talked with my doctor today about how to properly diet and he gave me a couple books that are used by diabetics. Why not try them out? So I am going to read through those and try to make good choices. I switched from paying attention to carbs only to paying attention to calories. I am hoping to keep just a bit under a 2,000 calorie diet.

I have done a ton of reading today as well as some note taking. I read three chapters for my strategic planning class and I have three more to do before Wednesday. I also need to get my tail started on the reading for the week after so I can just relax on my trip to Las Vegas. The notes are for the team assignment that I am working on. Thankfully the massive amount of reading is offset by the ease of the topics for my individual papers.

I am considering if I am burned out by my UACPA leadership position. It is getting rather hard to manage people who are taking a long time in doing assignments they once loved to do. I still love writing and I love putting them together. Perhaps I should focus on ways to motivate people into writing these articles. Hmm... I shall have to think more on this.


I decided to sit down for an hour and just work on my story.

I wrote roughly 1,719 words in just that hour. Two and a half pages.

I can also see the ending. A few more days of writing like that and I may just have a finished first draft!



I slipped into a depression yesterday because I felt like I was not progressing. I am doing much better today because I am able to remember what I have done and what I will do next:

School - I have this one class that I am flying through and then graduation. The only schooling I might have after this is if the firm I work at pays me to go get my CPA.

Writing - I have the ending of my book figured out. I am constantly reading for inspiration. It is the longest piece of literature I have ever written (currently at 69 pages).

Finances - We have paid off all our debts except our student loans and the house. I am looking for more ways to invest our money so we can receive passive income streams. Already have a nice Treasury Bond that we can cash out without penalty, but I am leaving it in for more interest.

Rats - They are all spoiled. Completely and utterly spoiled. They also lavish all kinds of love on me and the babies are learning how to use the cage for pees and poos instead of mother.

Traveling - Dattas and I will be traveling quite a bit this year. We are going to Las Vegas on the 7th of next month and we are attending a furry convention in August. My parents are taking care of the Vegas trip costs and Dattas has saved money for the RMFC one. (Actually, it was more from our tax return, but you get the idea).

Weight loss - Dattas and I are going on the same diet together. We are cutting out the carbs, which should be interesting given my pre-diabetes crap that I deal with. Thankfully, I do know low-sugar ways to get my blood sugars up (drinking a glass of milk). Ohh, maybe I could convince Dattas to go on walks with me around the neighborhood :D

Lack of job - I am allowed to search for jobs after graduation. Considering my volunteering with the UACPA, my increased knowledge of how to write a proper objective, and having an MBA in my hand, I should not have to worry about it. Just need to find one that I can settle into.

Writing progress

** Posted on FA as well **

My novel has most certainly reached the point at which I can say it is the longest item I have ever written in my life. It has definitely surpassed my senior thesis. Another day of writing and I will hit 70 pages worth.

I have discovered a more appropriate ending for my novel than the one before. It allows me to reduce the likelihood of an oddly placed battle while still allowing the tension of one going on to occur. I want the focus of my novel on the few main characters and their relationships with each other.

I am also doing much better about finding tidbits to post on my livejournal accounting community. I have no idea if more than a handful of people follow it, but I still intend to keep up with it. As I enter into the accounting community through a job, I am sure I will have more interesting things to say. For now, I compile the most interesting information I can find on there. The main idea is to keep posting so that people who want to know more about accounting can receive constant blog updates instead of the usually haphazard, may see a post once a quarter ones.

On a better note, the volunteer newsletter I do has blossomed beautifully. We still have a small regular team, but more people have expressed interest in wanting to write articles. We have also had more people respond when I send out final drafts for aid with editing. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I was asked to lead the team for another year. After that I can step down. Most likely, I will still continue to write articles because I do so love doing it.

Okay diet, it is time to sort you out

Even though I had some success with my exercise routine, I need to supplement it with a healthier diet. Dattas and I had that down a while ago before we felt lazy again. This time, I am going to try harder to keep it up. I think I will follow one of my friend's ideas which is to eat some sort of fruit or veggie before the rest of my meal. I know I have been awful about making sure to eat veggies period, so this should help in some way.

I also need to cut out the soda. As much as I like it, it's bad for me. I always tend to go through a cycle of no soda, have some soda, and be obsessed with soda for a few weeks after. I need to stop that completely. Instead, I shall have fruit juice, tea, or water. All really great alternatives.

(Yes, this was not here before) Oooooo!

After pulling myself from bed, I checked on the ratties. We moved Lugh in with Rosie, Chessie, Sai, and Libby. Our four girls slept in the large hammock together while Lugh was alone in the tiny hammock. They have warmed up to him a bit more by this evening.

I borrowed the car from Dattas today and attended a Rich Dad, Poor Dad seminar. This one went much better than the last one. It focused on real estate investment. I did sign up for a 3-day investment training. I can bring a guest so if anyone wants to come along, let me know. I already paid for it, so it would be free for the guest.

On my way home, I stopped by the post office. I sent off my shoes and hand tracings to the lady that is re-making my fursuit. She feels ashamed of the first one, so I am receiving this one free of charge (other than the two things I sent - $20 total). I also purchased more stamps, one of which I used for a birthday card for my friend Alicia. She's turning the big 5-0 this year.

We had some wonderful Wal-Mart pizza today. They actually have stuffed crust pizza that is a little better than the one we usually purchase from Pizza Hut.I shall remember it in the future.


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